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Selling is a Skill.  Selling Can be Learned.  Selling is Critical to Everything You Do.


What is Beyond the EDGE Sales Training?

Beyond the EDGE has developed an effective multi media platform designed to enable and accelerate the development of soft skills for emerging and aspiring professionals.


Beyond the EDGE Sales Training is structured around small self contained training modules that an individual can tackle in relative short sessions.  Each training module presents content in multiple ways, including video, application examples, and technical assessments, to assist users in understanding and absorbing the materials.


Training modules are grouped together thematically where the learning principles or the type of customer engagement are common to assist the user in integrating the tools and concepts they are learning.


The total program is designed to help sales people in any environment and at all levels improve their capabilities.  Once users have achieved a strong foundation they are invited to progress onwards to learn more complex techniques and sales tools and achieve professional sales certification status.

Why Be Better at Selling?

Selling is a Critical Skill

Of all the professional soft skills, the art of selling may be the most underrated and is often an area overlooked for professional development.   Unfortunately almost everything you do to succeed personally or professionally involves some dimension of a sale.  Critically this includes the need to communicate effectively with other people so that you can understand situations better and ultimately, be able to fully leverage and apply your knowledge, skills and expertise.

If you can’t effectively sell your skills, your brand, and your capabilities, it is almost impossible to even get started on the career you want and are capable of having.

The best leaders, in business or in the community at large, are great salespeople, great entrepreneurs are almost always great salespeople, and of course, great professional salespeople drive business growth and profitability.

How Does Beyond the EDGE Sales Training Work?

Beyond the EDGE’s training content is accessible through our app on a phone or on any electronic device.   Our years of training experience offers you the latest in sales methodologies to ensure that your sales people stay at the top of your game.

 You’ll find our content easy to access, easy to digest, and easy to use.  


The full sales training program includes 3 levels of content with 10 training themes covering 46 training modules.   After registering online and experiencing the first complimentary theme you can choose to purchases individual themes as you go or save money by purchasing complete training levels when you are ready to move on .   

Beyond the EDGE is great value for your money and completing the sales fundamentals training, which includes all 28 modules of Level 1 and 2 training, will cost you less than $75.  Completing the entire Beyond the EDGE sales training program, with all 46 modules across all three levels and obtaining your professional sales certification will cost you less than $200.

What makes our learning platform truly special is where it takes you and what it can help you learn and achieve. Beyond the EDGE grows with you as your knowledge increases.  

Content DemoSales Training Program

What else is different?

Help When You Need It. Where You Need It.

With Beyond the EDGE, we can offer you instant feedback that encourages a desire to learn more.  And, wherever you access the app or no matter how many are using the program, you can count on a reliable network (Amazon CloudFront) to deliver dependable, valuable information where and when you need it.

Imagine you have 10 minutes to spare before seeing a potential client. You’re feeling a little anxious because you’re wondering if you’ve prepared everything you need to pitch the sale. You can access the Beyond the EDGE platform on your smartphone for an instant refresher on “Meeting Preparation.”

Innovation Meets Education. It’s the Beyond the EDGE Way.

We train salespeople through informative and fun videos that offer sales tips and tricks to boost your knowledge and skills.

Our platform also provides supplemental in-depth educational materials that include additional coaching, video testing, reference articles, and even notice boards that network users with other young sales professionals to share intelligence and best practices that really work. Plus, you’ll have your own dashboard and roadmap that tracks your progress.

There’s no limit to how often you can go back and review information, 24/7 any time, any where, to refresh your knowledge.

Our app is a powerhouse of knowledge that continues to give. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or a company looking to improve results, our app will boost your knowledge and grow your skills and abilities as a sales professional.

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