Beyond the EDGE Training Programs

More than just Sales training.

The Beyond the EDGE Training platform is able to present content across a wide range of soft skills development areas.   In every metier Beyond the EDGE ‘s content will come from a team of highly experienced and successful advisors with industry leading levels of knowledge.




Sales Training

The genesis of Beyond the EDGE is our multi-level sales training program brings high quality content to you on a state of the art mobile platform.  Start with the foundational building blocks and then take your training where you want it to go with personalized modules for retail, B2B, branded sales, and many other industry specific applications.


Sales Management

Every sales team needs the help and support of an effective manager to ensure they exceed their objectives and help the company grow. Learn how to maximize the performance of your sales team, helping individuals unlock their potential and getting outstanding results today, tomorrow and everyday.


People Management

Probably the most challenging thing a professional is asked to do is to help recruit, develop, manage and retain people.   When you become great at doing something the logical next step is for you to step up and pass on your skills, capabilities and experiences to other people in your organization.   You can make all the same mistakes or you can invest to quickly up your game and learn from the best.   Managing people can be the most rewarding thing you ever do.



Its time to step up and take the reins.   Maybe its your first time, maybe you have been doing it before and just want to be better at it.  Whatever your needs are Beyond the EDGE can help you get there and ensure you have the tools, the techniques, and the best practices to lead a team, a business or a group in your community.  Being a great leader is not reserved for a select few who were born to lead, with the right mindset and the development of the right skills high performance leadership is in your reach.


General Management

Whether you are running your own business or asked to step up and be the general manager of a business unit in a company your hands are now full.  Seasoned veterans often draw a parallel to juggling, needing to simultaneously balance customers, costs, revenues, quality, safety and people.  Focus on only one and the rest might go to the ground.   Determining the right balance for your business and having the skills to be a great general manager are all things Beyond the EDGE training can help you achieve success and deliver outstanding results.


Finance Management

Understanding financial terminology and how to use critical financial management tools and data is essential to the success of any professional.  Beyond the EDGE training can help you become fluent in the language of finance management, enabling you to more effectively contribute to these important discussions and activities.

In every program Beyond the EDGE Offers 10 Ways to Learn


Dynamic multi-level online training platform

Our self-paced online learning platform with proven content saves you significant time and is a very cost effective way to develop your skills. With flexibility to build up your skills and experience when and where you want you no longer need to be pulled away from your daily responsibilities or commit to days or weeks in a classroom.

Online Learning videos series

Beyond the EDGE takes you on a journey that is designed to increase your overall knowledge, ability and skills in very easy and informative bite size learning videos. Learn more, achieve more.

Tips and Reminders

To reinforce and help our users recall and retain all that they have learned, mindful and timely email reminders can be setup to prompt you to revisit a concept or technique, keeping the learnings fresh and top of mind.


Application & Examples

To supplement the video based training each Beyond the EDGE training module includes an Eddie (Educational Infographics) with a deeper dive into each topic. Eddies are available 24/7 for users to quickly search and review any subject they have encountered in the program.

Masters Level Program

For those seeking advanced skills Beyond the EDGE offers a Masters Level learning program that enables users to do deep dives on specific areas or applications of interest . The Master’s program is designed to help advanced users expand their knowledge and skills even further, truly achieving subject matter expertise.

On Demand Tutorials

In addition to digitally available content for self instruction our online instructor tutorials are also available 24/7. These put you into an online classroom, allowing you to see and hear a certified instructor explain in greater detail, critical and core soft skills topics. Every user is welcome to sit down and spend time with an instructor online.

Reference Reading

Extra time on your hands? Sit back, relax, and pick out one of the hand picked readings vetted by a Beyond the EDGE advisor. These vetted readings from great books – can help you understand the genesis of the concepts and techniques learned in the program.

Learning Community

Our online learning community at Beyond the EDGE allows our members to ask questions, share information and get help from the entire Beyond the EDGE community, as well as certified instructors and experienced Beyond the EDGE advisors.

Beyond the EDGE Consulting

Want to bring the benefits of Beyond the EDGE to the rest of your team?   Beyond the EDGE experts are available  to sit down and help assess, analyze, diagnose and resolve the challenges and issues your team may be experiencing. Beyond the EDGE’s instructors and advisors have experience around the world in cultures and industries and are some of the best in the world.

Customized Performance Sessions and Workshops

Beyond the EDGE also offers a full spectrum of traditional classroom performance trainings and workshops sessions.  Whether you want to join a scheduled class, or bring us in to work with you and your team, sessions can be customized to targeted specifically to address your exact challenges and needs.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about how Beyond the EDGE can help you transform your skills and achieve your full potential, please contact us.  Beyond the EDGE offers you a unique approach combining educational content with effective tools that ultimately provide a personalized training solution that will help you achieve your goals.

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