Sales Management Training

You can get higher performance from your Sales Team.  


Beyond the EDGE can help you develop and apply effective state of the art sales management tools and techniques that will ensure you achieve your business objectives and get top tier performance from everyone on your sales team.

Why Manage Selling?

Maybe the only professional skill more underrated than selling itself is the importance of effective sales management.   The best salespeople in the world can’t do it alone.  The days of a lone wolf salesman driving results have passed.  Today, getting industry leading results takes a team of sales men and sales women actively working together with effective management guidance and leadership.  If no one is truly leading your sales team there is no doubt you are leaving something on the table.

The best sales leaders are fundamentally great salespeople with an entrepreneurial streak.  The best have great tools and skills to effectively manage and to lead their teams forward and drive results.  We can help you get to this level.

What is Beyond the EDGE Sales Management Training?

Beyond the EDGE has developed an effective multi media platform designed to enable and accelerate the development of professional soft skills.


Beyond the EDGE Sales Management Training is structured around small self contained training modules that an individual can take on in relative short sessions.


Modules are grouped together thematically where the learning principles or the type of customer engagement are common.


The total program consists of three levels starting from foundational content and progression to more complex techniques and management tools as a user progresses through the program ultimately achieving certification as a  professional Sales Manager




Our Sales Management Training Content

Beyond the EDGE has developed a full range of Sales Management training materials building upon our highly effective sales training toolbox to enable Sales Managers to up their team’s game.  The  Sales Management Training program is structured around modular knowledge blocks that enable you to buildup your management toolset up step by step and to do this when and where you want.

Level 1 - Fundamentals of Sales Management (Coming Soon)

Introduction to Sales Management

  • Leading vs Managing

Communicating Effectively

  • Empathy
  • Essential Communication Skills
  • Difficult Conversations

Mentoring & Coaching

  • Coaching and Developing your team
  • Delegation
  • Power of Positivity

Great Goals

  • Understanding Value
  • Strategy & Execution
  • Setting and Monitoring Goals

 Bonus Training Modules

  • Proactive vs Reactive Selling
Level 2 - Advanced Sales Management Tools (Coming Soon)

 Strengthening your Team

  • Always Be Recruiting (ABR)
  • Conducting Performance Reviews
  • Conducting Better Sales Meetings

Building the Pipeline

  • Pipeline Management
  • Forecasting
  • Relationship Ladder with Customers

Maximizing Value

  • Value Selling
  • Negotiations – Impact of Price Change
  • 5 Why’s

Leveraging Accounts

  • Account Management
  • Account Plans
  • After Action Reviews 
Level 3 - Professional Sales Management Tools (Coming Soon)

High Performance Sales Teams

  • Effective Appraisals
  • Right person in the right Seat
  • Being Accountable

Aligning with the Business 

  • Basic finance and the PnL
  • Business Acumen
  • ROA – ARC

Complex Challenges

  • Value Propositions
  • Managing Change
  • DISC Flexing

Taking it to the next  Level

  • Sales Playbook
  • White Space
  • Oz Principle


Masters Programs (Coming Soon)
  • Solution Selling
  • Tendering Techniques and Tools
  • Account Development
  • Successful Negotiating
  • Value Based Selling
  • Advanced Presentations
  • Reading People

How Does Beyond the EDGE Sales Management Training Work?

Beyond the EDGE’s training content is accessible through our app on your phone or on any other electronic device.   Our years of training experience offers you the latest in sales management methodologies to ensure that you stay at the top of your game.


You’ll find our content easy to access, easy to digest, and easy to use.  The full sales training program includes 3 levels of content with 12 training themes covering 36 training session.   After registering online and experiencing the first complimentary theme you can choose to purchases individual themes as you go or save money by purchasing complete levels at one time.  
What makes our learning platform truly special is where it takes you and what it can help you learn and achieve. Beyond the EDGE grows with you as your knowledge increases.

Help When You Need It. Where You Need It.

With Beyond the EDGE, we offer you instant feedback that encourages a desire to learn more.  And, wherever you access the app or no matter how many are using the program, you can count on a reliable network (Amazon CloudFront) to deliver dependable, valuable information where and when you need it.

Innovation Meets Education. It’s the Beyond the EDGE Way.

We train through informative and fun videos that offer sales tips and tricks to boost your knowledge and skills.

Our platform also provides more in-depth rich educational materials that include coaching, video testing, reference articles, and even notice boards networking with other sales professionals to share experiences and best practices that really work. 

Our app is a powerhouse of knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you’re managing a small or a large sales team, Beyond the EDGE Training can help you develop your sales management skills and abilities and enable you to get maximum performance from your team.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about how Beyond the EDGE can help transform your sales culture to a winning one, contact us. We are really unique in that we want to understand your goals and offer you and your company a personalized solution to help you meet them.

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