Beyond the EDGE Training

How and why we do what we do

Where We Started

Beyond The EDGE was formed in September 2019 when a group of professionals with a common passion for sales performance and sales training came together over a shared desire to help the next generation of professional salespeople.

The concept emerged to fully leverage state of the art media and technologies to create a mobile and readily available toolbox that individuals could use to accelerate the development of their sales skills and capabilities.  With great content at their fingertips, individuals could control the pace of their own development as they aimed to achieve their personal and professional performance objectives.

As the Beyond The EDGE team further explored the concept of helping accelerate professional development it became obvious that there were strong parallel opportunities in many soft skill domains.  To truly help people reach their full potential the Beyond The EDGE Training platform should be leveraged to enable competency development across the full range of soft skills that today’s professionals must utilize to succeed in their professional careers.

Why Now?

Professional development training in the ‘soft skills’ has long been considered an important aspect of performance.

As companies have evolved to face growing global competition, increasingly tighter economics and a more dynamic workforce their commitments to soft skills development have waned. The norm in business today is that such skills should be self-developed by the individuals as part of their own brand and personal development plans.  

With fewer in-house training opportunities available to emerging and developing professionals those seeking higher performance are forced to go find it elsewhere.  Historically soft skills training activities have been dominated by two core methodologies, Classroom training and On the Job Training (OJT). 

Although both of these techniques can have a positive impact on performance each has drawbacks that limit their effectiveness and unfortunately neither is ideally suited to professionals looking to self develop their skills. 

Our Philosophy

Beyond The EDGE aims is an independent and objective organization capable of developing high quality, fit for purpose professional soft skills content and delivering it in effective ways that work for today’s mobile and dynamic workforces.   

The Beyond The EDGE team has decades of professional experience in a wide variety of environments and is taking 1000’s of lessons learned to develop tools, tips and techniques that individuals can utilize to elevate their soft skills capabilities and competencies.   

Embedded into all aspects of Beyond The EDGE training is the ready availability of expert advice and support to address any professional challenge in real time.

The Platform

The evolution of the internet and the proliferation of mobile electronic devices has enabled traditional training and development techniques to evolve significantly however the overall effectiveness of training in soft skills has not noticeably improved.

Beyond The EDGE aims to mate highly effective multi-modal content with a state-of-the-art delivery platform to enable an endlessly customizable competency development program providing fit for purpose training to individuals when and where they need it.

The Beyond The EDGE platform incorporates mobile application and web based interfaces to deliver high impact content and also utilizes state of the art training techniques to evaluate and improve the absorption of multimodal content.

The Beyond The EDGE platform also incorporates an integrated monetization platform enabling a range of subscription and pay-as-you-go models.

The Content

At its heart, Beyond The EDGE is centered around the creation and delivery of highly effective content. 

Beyond The EDGE draws upon a network of highly experienced professionals and advisors to develop each content ‘block’ by distilling hundreds of years of combined industry experience into applicable and relevant learning nuggets

Beyond The EDGE content is packaged into self-contained learning modules which are then assembled into an individually tailored and tiered development program. 

Each tier of soft skills training encompasses a core of fundamental modules followed by a wide range of more advanced application modules that enable individuals to deal with increasingly complex situations.  

After completing a complete soft skills program an Individual can select to address areas of specific interest or targeted development in Master’s level application modules.

Wherever you are in your career we can help you get to the next level.

We believe in being the best in its class at what we do. Similarly, we want to elevate others to be the best they can be.


Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help emerging and developing professionals increase and improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities.


Whether you are just graduating from college and looking to get your career started or you are on your way and looking to improve your performance or accelerate your development Beyond the Edge can help you get there.  


Our proven & highly successful training program helps individuals become more effective, more productive, and more successful at what they do.

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