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Beyond the EDGE Sales Training Programs are designed to be the most highly effective training available online and will help you quickly build knowledge and expertise.  


All Beyond the EDGE online sales training programs are modular and with each training session focused on a single key concept.  When you have it mastered you move on to the next one, first building a solid foundation of fundamental skills and then moving on to more complex concepts and tools as you progress through the training.


Each Online Training Module  takes you through a five step learning process:


      1. Watch the EDGE Based Training Video
      2. Take the Quiz
      3. See the Concepts applied to real life situations in the Eddies
      4. Practice and solidify your skills in a ‘selfie’ challenge.
      5. Optionally do a deeper dive with supplemental On-demand videos and additional readings.

Users are free to repeat or revisit any training during the module and can return to completed modules at any time during the training program.


Whatever your learning style is,  Beyond the EDGE Training content is presented in a way that will work for you, enabling you to quickly and effectively build world class sales skillsets and ultimately achieve your full potential.

Progressing Through a Training Module

All Beyond the EDGE online training modules are structured similarly so once you have experienced one you are ready to take them all on.  

Each Online Sales Training session begins with a short and highly engaging video.  Immediately after the video while information is still fresh you are challenged to a short quiz on the materials you just viewed.  As soon as you have finished the quiz the rest of the module materials become available to you.   Take time to walk through the Eddies and digest the examples and real world scenarios before you head to the Selfie Challenge to complete the core of the training.  

As you near the end of each training module you can choose whether you want to move on to the next subject or do a deeper dive on the subject and truly develop expert level knowledge.  The choice is always up to you.

Every Beyond the EDGE Training program lets you set the pace of play.  Ready to move on?  then move on to the next module.  Want to review it again? and again? and again?  You can revisit every piece of the training as often as you want.  Want to go deep?  Be our guest..


Beyond the EDGE online Training process

Step 1 – EDGE Based Training Videos

Each Beyond the EDGE Training video is focused on a single concept and explores it in detail utilizing engaging graphics supported by clear and simple to understand audio and printed text.  Videos are relatively short and concentrated allowing you to digest them completely in one session.

Training Videos are packed with content so you can pause the EDGE Based Training (EBT) videos at any time, enabling training sessions to start and stop as required.  EBT videos are compatible with browsers for all types of computers and are also viewable on tablets and smart phones for reference anytime and anywhere.   You can also play each EBT video an unlimited number of times to ensure they fully understand and can remember the techniques and tools they are learning.

You have the ability to return to any video at any time during their training to refresh your knowledge or revisit a specific concept.  There are no limits to how often you can watch an EBT enabling you unlimited flexibility when it comes to completing each training module.

A sample of a Beyond The Edge Sales Training video is shown in the following video clip:

Beyond the EDGE – Post Video Quiz

Once you have watched an EBT Sales Training video you will be asked to complete a short quiz before moving on.  

Studies on training effectiveness consistently confirm that even a simple test helps retain critical training concepts.   

Relax, its only three questions and the questions are 100% related to the content and training contained in the EBT video you just watched

You are encouraged to return to the EBT video if you get a question wrong and there is no limit on how often you can go back to rewatch the EBT videos.

Don’t like to wait?  You will be happy to know that as soon as you answer a question will get immediate feedback on whether you answered the question correctly or incorrectly.  Instant feedback is coming your way.

Beyond the EDGE – ‘Eddies’

To supplement and reinforce the techniques and processes demonstrated in each Online Sales Training Video every module also includes a series of Educational Infographics, affectionately known as ‘Eddies’.  

Over 80% of the value of experience is obtained the first time you experience something.   Eddies are designed to help get these initial experiences immediately after you have developed new skills.   With the benefit of this experience the first time you encounter a similar situation in real life you will be better prepared to succeed.

Relatively simple but highly effective, Eddies are designed to help you compound your knowledge during their training sessions by applying the critical concepts and  techniques being learnt to real world situations.  

Each Eddie includes all of the learning concepts in the associated EBT Video to reinforce the key concepts you are learning.  To help you out each of the Eddies can be downloaded and saved for on-the-go references or printed for when you need a quick refresher.

Below you will find an extract of the Eddie that accompanies the same Sales Training module shown in the above EBT video clip:

Beyond the EDGE – Self Challenges

What is the point of learning something if the knowledge evaporates shortly after you have completed the training?  The retention of new ideas and tools is a critical part of the learning experience. 

After learning concepts and principles in each Beyond the EDGE training module you will have the opportunity to apply your skills to a common business situation to test your skills and further embed this knowledge in your memory.  There is nothing like seeing yourself on video to get a clear picture of whether you know your stuff or not.   Practice does make perfect and repeating the self challenge until you have the materials mastered is a great way to become great at the techniques you are learning.

Each Self Challenge utilizes a unique situation to keep you sharp and focused and to provide you with a wide range of potential application experiences.

The Self Challenge associated with the same Beyond the EDGE Sales Training module as the previous EBT video and Eddie extracts is shown below.

Beyond the EDGE – Deeper Dives

Congratulations!  By this time you have completed the core tasks in this Module and are ready to progress onto the next one.

Some new concepts will come to you quickly and after the Self Challenge you may be comfortable with it and ready to move on to the next Module

However, there may be some topics that you don’t fully understand or just want to learn more about and you are ready to take a ‘Deeper Dive’ into.   Beyond the EDGE includes a series of on-demand video sessions available to users at the end of each Theme.  

On-Demand video sessions are a complimentary part of your training program and you are free to watch them as often as you want to. 

To supplement your learning even further Beyond the EDGE offers suggest reading material for each core topic, an opportunity for you to become an expert on the topic.

The choice to do deeper dives or not is completely up to you and it does not impede your progress in the training program if you choose not to do them.


Beyond the EDGE – Training Tips

Congratulations!  By this time you have completed the core tasks in this Module and are ready to progress onto the next one.

A few days after completing the online training module you will receive an email from Beyond the EDGE Training with a relatively simple challenge related to the training you have just completed.   Scientists have proven that being reminded of the key learning points shortly after having learned a subject is a great way to strengthen the memory and hardwire it into your knowledge base.

No pressure to get them right every time but each time you do you will earn points towards your next training level, continuing your progression in the Beyond the EDGE Training program. 

The contents of a Training Tip email associated with the “Asking Better Questions”  Sales Training module is shown below.  All you need to do is click your answer and you will get immediate feedback on your answer.   This simple action will help ensure that the retain and are able to apply the skills you have invested time learning online with Beyond the EDGE Training. 

Online Training Tip Example
Email Tip Example Asking Better Questions

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