Beyond the EDGE Sales Training will Improve Sales Performance.


Increase your Sales Knowledge, Skills and Ability.


Learn the skills that help you sell yourself and get started on your career.  Selling is embedded into every aspect of business, big or small, and successful selling is a critical way to differentiate yourself.  Beyond the EDGE Sales Training enables you to self develop your communication abilities and set yourself apart.

Already Selling?

Improve performance and increase overall success through professional and proven sales training.  Strengthen your technical foundation and accelerate the development of advanced skills and techniques to help you out-deliver and out-perform your peers.  Let Beyond the EDGE take you there.

Managing Sales?

Get better results and increase your team’s performance through professional and effective sales training.  Strengthen  skills and accelerate the development of advanced sales techniques to enable your sales people to out-deliver and out-perform your competitors.  Let Beyond the EDGE help you.

What is the Beyond the EDGE Sales Training Program and How Does it Work?

Beyond the EDGE’s online sales training program is a comprehensive sales training program with 3 levels covering 10 sales themes with a total of 46 independent online training modules.

Level 1 of the Sales Training program focuses on fundamental concepts that every great sales person uses every day.  

Level 2 introduces more advanced skills and tools that will help you get results.  

Level 3 provides the tools and techniques you can use to address complex selling challenges.  

Each of the 46 modules includes a mix of multimedia training using state of the art training techniques to ensure training is quick, easy and effective.

Beyond the EDGE is great value for your money and completing the sales fundamentals training, which includes all 28 modules of Level 1 and 2, will cost you less than $75.  

Completing the entire Beyond the EDGE sales training program, with all 46 modules across all three levels and obtaining your professional sales certification will cost you less than $200.

Beyond the EDGE provides you a  comprehensive sales training and development program that is quick, engaging and easy to use and great value.  


Supplement Your Traditional Training

Benefits of the Beyond the EDGE Training Online Sales Training  Program

On-the-go mobile platform means references and materials are with you when you need them.

Bite size, informative and fun bursts of content takes the pain out of training.

Content includes the fundamentals that you may have been taught but might require a refresher on.

Training technologies enable learning advanced tools and techniques that aren't easily taught in a classroom.

Dynamic digital content is continuously updated and always relevant to current events and situations.

Content infographics are downloadable and printable for references when and where you need them .

Personalized dashboard helps you constantly track your progress and performance.

Members become part of the Beyond the EDGE community that allows for sharing experiences, ideas, questions, and success stories.

High value content derived from decades of professional experience in 1000's of successful sales engagements.

Beyond the EDGE Training is always at your fingertips on any electronic device and comes to you, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Receive Better Sales Training.
Sell Smarter. Grow Your Business.

Beyond the EDGE helps sales people navigate and master the challenges of selling. We help salespeople at all levels of their careers, from those just graduating from college to more seasoned professionals and sales managers develop the skills they need to succeed.

You may already have the type of knowledge and experience to have an impact and bring value to your customers and your company. Unlock your full potential by developing advanced techniques to become a master of professional sales.  Lead the way by selling your ideas and get the edge over the competition.  Success today requires remaining polished and relevant in a continuously competitive high tech world.

Beyond the EDGE Training can help you.

The Beyond the EDGE Difference
According to the 2018 LinkedIn “State of Sales” report, sales professionals are in high demand, and businesses make it a priority to invest in training their salespeople. In fact, in the U.S., companies invest, on average, $15 billion to train their sales employees and $800 billion on perks to retain them.

Salespeople today need to understand their buyers more than ever. Today, buyers are more informed about their purchases, even before their encounter with a seller. Some experts estimate that 50% of the buying process has already occurred before a customer engages with a salesperson. This is because buyers have immediate access to information online and often research products and services the moment their interest is piqued.

Modern Training in a Technological World
Beyond the EDGE understands that traditional sales training alone can sometimes be insufficient to excel in today’s fast changing and technology driven world.

Traditional classroom training can be highly valuable but is typically intermittent in nature, costly, and time-consuming. Materials are often printed and not easy to quickly reference or return to.

With Beyond the EDGE, you can integrate your learning into your day to day activities. Our platform is designed to be with you and provide access to content and reference materials 24/7. You can build and strengthen new skills while at home, in transit, at work or even while waiting to see a client.

Beyond the EDGE is a state of the art, multi-level learning platform that offers proven sales strategies and a program that provides ongoing follow up and access to help you become the best at what you do.

Personal Learning Coach
Whether you’re young and recently graduated from college, or you’re already part of a sales team, our personal learning cloud is a must to thrive in today’s sales driven economy.

Beyond the EDGE harnesses the power of the cloud and the accessibility of the Internet of Things to creatively and more effectively train sales professionals to become better sellers.

Our special and unique learning platform teaches you the most in-demand skills necessary for the modern, successful salesperson. ‘Edge’ allows you to learn “on-demand,” that is, anytime or anyplace, through your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Beyond the EDGE incorporates a full program of content rich learning videos, supplemented by on demand instructor videos, educational infographic learning documents, technical challenges and personalized tips.

If you need to reach out and get help with a tough situation Beyond the EDGE’s advisors are standing by and can be called upon to help you successfully overcome the toughest challenges.

Whether you just want to refresh and reinforce the critical sales skills you may already know or you want to refresh and reinforce your skills for success in today’s business world, ‘Edge’ can help.

Beyond the EDGE Training 

on your phone, laptop or any electronic device

Dynamic Online Sales Training Platform


Beyond the EDGE gives you relevant and effective sales tools you need to thrive and succeed in today’s highly competitive world.


Continuous evaluations help you Identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you reach your full selling potential.

Coach and Develop:

Our personalized and tailored training programs are designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Increase of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Long-term success happens when growth is continual and keeps your skills relevant to the current selling landscape.

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If you would like to learn more about how Beyond the EDGE can help you transform your sales skills and achieve your full potential, please contact us.  Beyond the EDGE offers you a unique approach combining educational content with effective tools that ultimately provide a personalized sales training solution that will help you achieve your goals.

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