Beyond the EDGE - Principles

How and why we do what we do


Content for Every User

Beyond the EDGE content always starts with the foundational building blocks that are critical to having solid skills and capabilities.  From here each user can advance to more and more complex skills and tools that suite the level of knowledge they are pursuing.

Training content is written in simple and effective language and the use of technical vernacular is always done with sufficient context and background to enable clear understanding.


Multi-Media Content

Every learning topic is presented in a high quality video format allowing the simultaneously get verbal queues and physical clues to enhance the learning experience.

Each Video session is supported by a more in-depth Educational Infographic called an Eddie that enables the user to supplement their knowledge and have a takeaway reminder for each learning nugget.


User Defined Progression

Learning modules are self contained and can be taken on in small or large bites.

Learning Themes group modules together enabling the user to thoroughly cover an area of interest with multiple training sessions.

Learning Topics and Modules can be revisited an unlimited number of times and the user gets to define the rate of progression to the next stage of the training program.


Self Assessments and Challenges

At every step of the learning journey users are invited to try to apply their new skills and tools and to self evaluate how they did.  If it didn’t go well then why not try again.  Setting up great practice sessions is proven to accelerate development and increase retention.


Effective Learning Tools

To enhance the benefits of its training Beyond the EDGE incorporates a suite of tools to help individual users retain and build competency and gain critical experiences that accelerate their professional development.


Continuous Knowledge Validation

As an individual completes a learning module he or she is asked a number of questions to validate their understanding and absorption of the materials and examples contained in the materials. This immediate feedback and validation helps increase knowledge retention and prompts users to revisit materials in a timely manner if difficulties in comprehension exist.


Competency Certification

At end of each foundational Level an individuals’ cumulative performance through the learning modules will be used to qualify the individual for a formal certification that the Training Level has been completed.


Expert Advisors

Beyond The EDGE draws upon a network of highly experienced professionals and advisors to develop each content ‘block’ by boiling down hundreds of years of experience into applicable and relevant learning nuggets 

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